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Applicants are reminded that it is an offence under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Chapter 201 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to offer any advantages (e.g. money, gift, etc.) to an employee of the EMSD as an inducement to or reward for facilitating or expediting the processing of applications, and in connection with the compliance with the application/ registration approval terms and

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Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance – EMSD

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BEC 2015 – 4 of 77 – EMSD ‘conditioned space’ means a space within boundaries maintained to operate at desired temperature through cooling, heating, dehumidification or humidification, using means other than only natural or forced fan ventilation. the dry-bulb

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BEC 2015 Vs BEC 2018 Page 1 of 4 EMSD BEC 2015 Vs BEC 2018 – Summary of Major Amendments Note: 1. The following summary table includes the major amendments, with requirements tightened in general for enhanced energy efficiency. Please refer

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1. BEEO 2. BEC 2015 a. Lighting Installation b. Electrical Installation c. Air-conditioning Installation d. Lift and Escalator InstallationCap 610 – Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (BEEO) Cap 610A Buildings Energy Efficiency (Fees) Regulation Cap 610B

Technical Guidelines on Building Energy Code 2015 has been issued Further to the previous issuance of the BEC2015, the Technical Guidelines on BEC 2015 (TG-BEC 2015) is now available at “Codes & Technical Guidelines ” on this website. For details please.

building energy efficiency code 2015, new BEC, Building Services Installation requirements,Electrical & Mechanical Services, EMSD The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has announced the 2015 edition of Building Energy Efficiency Code on 7

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Issue No. 13 30 December 2015 Effective for which will be incorporated in the Listing Rules under Click here for more information about ESG reporting on the resource page of BEC Environmental, Social and Governance Advisory Group. All Environmental Key

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Briefing on Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap. 610) Energy Efficiency Office EMSD, the Government of HKSAR 2 Hong Kong Energy End-use Data 2011 Enhancement of Energy Efficiency in Buildings • Total annual electricity consumption of HK in

To print the whole chapter in HTML, please click at the bottom of the TOC panel and then click .Please set the page orientation to “Landscape” for printing of bilingual texts on a single page. If the chapter is also available in RTF format, you may go straight to the

2015年版的《建築物能源效益守則》及《屋宇裝備裝置能源效益實務守則》較2012 年版更嚴謹,趕快趁目前的寬限期,盡早了解新守則的規定及策劃所需的安裝工程吧! 2015年版守則訂明:所有本港的新建建築物在電力、空調、照明、升降機和自動梯裝置這4

EMSD Building Energy Code (BEC) 2015 Download Document EMSD_BEC_2015.pdf Contact Tachibana Engineering (HK) Ltd 立花工程(香港) 有限公司 Unit C, 6/F, Reason Group Tower, 403 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2403 4898

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Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance and related Regulations Ir CHIU Chun-ting, Anfield Green Buildings and Energy Management ConferenceRoad Map on Energy Efficiency Established Energy Efficiency Office under EMSD Voluntary Scheme on Energy Labelling

BEEO 23 Technical Data of Air-Conditioning Installation for Building Energy Code (BEC) 2015 (Form EE-AC) (EE-AC 2015 (V.0), EE-AC 2015 (Chi V.0)) English 1823 BEEO 24 Technical Data of Lift & Escalator Installation for Building Energy Code (BEC) 2015

BEC has made a submission on the public consultation for 2020-21 Budget to highlight pressing environmental issues where budgetary support is required. Special Staff Work Arrangement at BEC As a preventive measure against the coronavirus outbreak, BEC is allowing our staff to work from home, or return to our office with precautionary measures in place, until further notice.

為切合2017年施政報告關於香港創新科技發展的政策方向, 機電工程署提供一個創新科技協作平台 E&M InnoPortal,這個平台羅列各政府部門、公營機構以及機電業界對科技發展相關的需求;另一方面我們非常歡迎各大學及初創企業等提供機電有關的創新科技,放上平台以作配對。

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BEC, a Technical Guidelines for the BEC 2015 was issued in June 2016. This talk will highlight the major changes being introduced in the BEC 2015 and the Technical Guidelines Speakers Ir CHIU Chun-ting, Anfield is a senior engineer with EMSD, HKSAR

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (November 16) gazetted the 2018 Edition of the Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Building Services Installation (BEC) and Code of Practice for Building Energy Audit (EAC), pursuant to

表格CPA5 – 補領認可合資格人士證明書 (EMSD/EL/CPA5 (Rev. 1/2015)) 1823 表格 ER 41 – 補領電業工程人員 / 承辦商註冊證明書或已加簽的定期測試證明書副本的申請表格 (ER41 (01/2010)) 1823 表格 ER 42 – 註冊電業承辦商更改公司授權人士申請表格 (ER


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BEC • The responsible person is then required to obtain a Form of Compliance (FOC) issued by REA • Further endorsement on FOC by the EMSD and renewal of FOC is not required • The REA is also required to submit the copy of FOC to the EMSD

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Review of the BEC and EAC 2015年12月11日刊憲 Gazetted on 11 Dec 2015 《建築物能源效益守則》和《能源審核守則》 2015年版簡介 Briefing on the BEC 2015 and EAC 2015 照明裝置 Lighting Installation 電力裝置 Electrical Installation

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emendation of CoP 2003, 2009 and 2015 Editions. This Technical Talk shall be presented by an Engineer of EMSD, Past President of BSOMES and a Member of BSOMES Electrical Chamber highlighting the major changes of the latest CoP as

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17 September 2015 Corporate Communications Department Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited 12/F, One International Finance Centre 1 Harbour View Street, Central Hong Kong Dear Sir/Madam, BEC Submission Consultation Paper – Review of the

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Not regarded as installations to which the BEEO applies – Exterior to a building – façade lighting, outdoor lighting Not of fixed type, connected via flexible cable with plug Integral to equipment or instrumentation (separate switch) Signage BEC Lighting

「The two Codes of Practice were drawn up by the EMSD after detailed consultation with the relevant trade parties, professional bodies, academics and government departments. The standards stipulated in the BEC 2012 Edition are more stringent than those in

Office Space l Chain Store l Residential l Club House l Gallery l Museum l more Contact us now. to put luminaires into groups, under different scenes with security network, in full wireless – Real-time monitoring – No Signal Wire Needed

EMSD BEC 2015 EMSD BEC 2015 Posted by meowmaid 06/03/2019 0 Comment(s) Information, EMSD Building Energy Code (BEC) 2015 Download TE Lighting

to put luminaires into groups, under different scenes with security network, in full wireless – Real-time monitoring – No Signal Wire Needed – Full Automation – Smooth Dimming – Scheduling – Open API to BMS – APP/Software Controllable – User-friendly UI

Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap 610) Technical Circular No. 2/2016 Launch of Technical Guidelines on Building Energy Code 2015 Purpose This Technical Circular launches the “ Technical Guidelines on Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Building Services Installation, 2015 Edition ”. ”.

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8 BEC 2015 (Lift & Escalator Installations) applicable to ALL, except: • Mechanized vehicle parking system • Service lift • Stairlift • Industrial truck loaded freight lift • Lift in a performance stage • Powered lifting platform for wheelchair • Lift not operated on traction

建築物能源效益守則2015,屋宇裝備裝置能源效益實務守則,機電工程署 機電工程署已於2015年12月頒布2015年版的《建築物能源效益守則》最新守則。而相關的兩份2015年版《屋宇裝備裝置能源效益實務守則》和《建築物能源審核實務守則》亦於同月刊憲。

Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap 610) Technical Circular No. 1/2016 Launch of Technical Forms for BEC 2015 and EAC 2015 Purpose This Technical Circular promulgates the issuance of revised specified form EE-SU (Rev. 06/16), and technical forms

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Overview In conventional lifts, the power generated by traction is dissipated as heat in the building, whereas lifts with a regenerative function are able to use their motors as a generator when the carriage is travelling down, and feed the current back into the facility’s

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Director’s Message This is the second Corporate Environmental Report of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD). This year, we have decided to put the report on our web-site, and there will be no paper copies. The major achievements in Year

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collected and facilitate EMSD’s analysis of the performance of buildings. Implementation of revised BEC and EAC 17. The revised BEC and EAC (i.e. BEC 2015 and EAC 2015) were approved by the Technical Taskforce in September 2015 and then gazetted

Date 2 August 2017 (Wednesday) Time 1:30pm – 5:30pm Fee HK$200 for BEC Member (per head); HK$400 for Non-member (per head) Assembly Point BEC Exhibition Hall Registration Please fill in the Registration Form and return to [email protected] or Fax to 2784 6699.

EMSD, 2015. Technical Guidelines on Code of Practice for Building Energy Audit, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong. Useful Websites:


22/11/2015 · 【機電工程署】屋宇裝備工程師 總薪級表第32點(每月59,445元)至總薪級表第44點(每月95,215元)EMSD Building Services Engineer, BSE 2015 22/11/2015 0 評論

3. Join EMSD as Keynote Speaker: If you are interested in being a Keynote Speaker, to share your ideas in the fields of Economics, Management and Social Development, please send your CV to [email protected] 4.

The statutory requirement for compliance with the BEC (currently BEC 2015 Edition) applies to all major retrofitting works completed on or after the effective date of the BEC 2015 (i.e. 11 September 2016), irrespective of the commencement date of the works.

姓名 職位 辦公室電話 電郵 薛永恒 先生, JP 機電工程署署長/總經理 2808 3601 彭耀雄 先生, JP 副署長/規管服務 2808 3606 張遠芳 先生, JP 副署長/營運服務 2808 3845

BEC show 2015 Oisterwijk De BEC verzorgde 27, 28 en 29 november 2015 het 17e Europese kampioenschap Europese Cultuurvogels in Oisterwijk. In de tentoonstellingskooien waren er naast de putters, goudvinken, sijzen en andere zaadeters een groot aantal

Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Building Services Installation Contents BEC 2015 – ii – EMSD 6.4 System Load Calculation 22 6.5 Separate Air Distribution System for Process Zone 22 6.6 Air Distribution Ductwork Leakage Limit 23 6.7 23 6.8

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of EMSD. The EEO can analyze the data in the compliance submissions and monitors the progress of the society to achieve the 40% energy intensity reduction target by 2025 in the Energy Saving Plan For Hong Kong’s Built Environment 2015~2025+. The data