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yoo 18 BONHAM

Last Update: 20 JANUARY 2020

The panorama photograph shown in this website was taken on the roof level of yoo 18 Bonham on 29th Dec 2016 (Day view) and 14th Feb 2017 (Night view), and has been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques to show the surroundings and

yoo 18 BONHAM – YOO Studio、Queen Cheers 及Winston Developmen合作發展的豪宅樓盤,位於港島般咸道18號,資料:中英文地址、大樓座數及層數、單位總數、特色戶、實用面積、間隔、樓層高度、收樓或入伙日期、管理公司和管理費、車位、中小學校網

yoo18BONHAM, new property information, can contact the agent immediately. yoo18BONHAM developed by Queen Cheers Development Ltd and Winston Development Ltd. It located at 18 Bonham Road and provides 12 units. It including 3 units, 8 duplex and 1

豪宅新盤承接保持理想。中原西半山高級資深營業董事李巍表示,公司負責銷售的西半山yoo 18 BONHAM,剛以招標形式售出29及30樓複式單位,實用面積2,499方呎,間隔四房四

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Information from the Land Registry shows that a buyer under the name Lin Li-hui, Shu’s legal name, acquired the 2,499 square foot duplex at the development known as yoo 18 Bonham in June. Shu

An anonymous reader asks: Looking at Google maps, where 88 Bonham Road is now (Bonham Towers), Google has the marked as 『Western Barracks』. Does anyone know anything of these purported former barracks ?


Find a great deal on recently listed apartments at Yoo 18 Bonham Yoo 18 Bonham, Mid-levels West for sale or for rent. Learn about the neighbourhood, read reviews, and more. After making the difficult decision to move flats, I found Jayde who managed to find the


(26 September 2017, Hong Kong) Right in the historic heart of Hong Kong, an exclusive project is taking shape. A total of 12 large luxury residential flats have been developed into the pinnacle of comfort and style at 18 Bonham Road, Mid-Levels West. Located in a

Yoo 18 BONHAM, 6bd / 5ba, For Sale – Mid Levels West (SPACIOUS-3564808) 全維港海景,半山區新樓 ,3層複式區內罕有 步行鐵路,11區名校網